New context menu item

I would like to add an item in the folder's context menu.
I want to replace the "search" item by mine.

Layout :


...utility search...

i write in files types/all folders/context menu : Set UTILITY=Find,On


  • when i clic on the item, the search path is the current folder and not the selected folder
  • when the find utility are open, if i clic on the item, the search path not change
  • how clear the "name matching" on new search

it is possible to have this layout :





thanks for all reply

For me, the regular Find Dialog (from clicking on Search... in the context menu) does the kind of Horizontal display you asked about as long as you don't bother with using the Output Window as the place to display the results and instead select "Find Window" in the "Show results in:" drop down. While the regular "Find" dialog doesn't seem "Dockable" like the Utility Panel you're invoking is, at least it gives you the general layout you asked about. Of course, then you don't have the sync and dupe tabs to work with, but you also get the correct path in the search box as well as clear previous results setting... be nice to be able to dock it though :frowning:.

Seems like these guys should have retained a little bit more of the regular Find dialogs' functionality in the new Utility Panel...

You can have the find/utility panel on either the bottom or the right of the lister, just click the middle icon here:

I realise it's not quite the same as having search on top and results on bottom, instead reversed.

Personally, I don't use the find panel because as Albator has seen, I can't invoke it in a context menu and have it point to the right-click selected folder... but rather it uses the active lister folder as the search path. Have any ideas on how to make the Utility Panel use the selected folder Noodle-Man? I would 'like' to use it since the file collections/Find Results window allows you to then select the 'found' files and alter properties like attributes/time stamps, which cannot be done in the regular Find Utility interface :frowning:.

If you want to create a context menu item which will open a "Find lister" (instead of the Find dialog) for the selected directory, here's how to do it...

When I say "Find lister" I mean a new lister window that has the Find utility panel on it, and starts off in the directory you had selected.

First, set up a lister the way you want the "Find lister" to look. It should have the Find utility panel turned on, of course. Now save this lister as a new layout called "Find" (or whatever you want).

Next, make a context menu item with this command on it:

dopusrt /cmd go {filepath$} layout=FindNow when you right-click a directory and select that item a new lister will open, using the "Find" layout you saved that has the panel turned on, and it will be displaying the directory you had selected. You can then enter the search details and away you go.

So it's just like the Find dialog in that it opens a new window and can be pointed at the selected directory, but it has all the power of a lister+find panel.

Not sure if there's a better way than that.

Myself, I'm happy with navigating to the place I want to start the search, then turning the Find panel on. Seems just as easy as any alternative.

thanks for reply

Hi Nudel...

For me, alot of times I'd rather not make the folder I want to search through the 'current/active' folder. So this way that you've provided of invoking the Find Panel is great for me personally... thanks.

Actually, I couldn't get this to work... the new lister would open in the correct filepath for what I selected, but the Find Panel would always show the path that it had when I saved the layout... :confused: