New default Lister Not Loaded when Win +E used

Hi, Window + E opens original default lister, but I changed the default lister.

When I launch opus from Start/all programs/gpsoftware/opus, I get the new default lister. :smiley: So launched this way all is good.

Not sure howto get Windows +E to launch the new default lister.

I tried to attach a pdf, was told "extension pdf not allowed".
thank you.

Please see this thread for the answer: Keyboard shortcut for lister

thank you Leo :slight_smile:

I set up Win+ W instead so I can open Directory Opus with my left hand in one easy motion using the default New lister I created.

The default Win+ O meant I had to use two hands, as the win key is on the far left and the o key is on far right of the keyboard.

thank you again, Directory Opus is great, people who don't use it don't know what they are missing.

I know this to you might seem a small thing to you, but things like this are what make directory Opus great for the home user such as myself, who uses the product to make my desktop computing life easier and more fun. Thanks and have a great weekend.

I also find Win-W more convenient than Win-O, but I do have a Win key on the right as well as on the left.

I new issue has arisen I wonder if anyone has a suggestion.

When I start my pc the Win+W will not work, ie nothing happens.

I have to use Win+E then Win+W t to work... any thoughts?

Opus has to be running in the background for hotkeys to work.

Make sure Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup / Launch Directory Opus automatically on system startup is on, and set Don't open any Listers just below that if you only want it in the background and not opening windows at system startup.

Note: I only have a win key on my left re earlier poster.

Ok now its all working as I like it, thank you.
It does take a bit of time to come to grips with how Directory Opus works ie having it running but not visible, ie a memory resident stub just waiting on being called.

If you use Win+ E you are calling Windows Explorer and as Directory Opus has tagged that it, it then launches, or you can launch Directory Opus as you would any program directly, or set it to auto launch when windows does, (as I have done, but as a stub). phew.
I am beginning to get a handle on how it works.

Idea if you have some videos that show these things it might save you from having to explain them over again, I did look in the manual etc before contacting you.
I am sure if I had months to pour over the manual its all there, but not easily accessible to the normal user, (or even a technical user who does not have the time to invest), I hope you see what I mean.
Not sure if Youtube would charge you money to host these videos? or a videocast and people can watch the episodes they want, say subscribe in iTunes and watch in iTunesU.

Many Universities have say a 9 week lecture series, you could have a 9 week lecture series on cool things to do in Directory Opus.

It would make easily accessible all the cool features of Directory Opus such as the ones you have helped me with, without you having to answer the same questions over and over, AND it would serve as a means of advertising ie showcasing the awesome things your product can do = more sales = more money/job security/fun = more products etc you can do = happier for all.
or do videos on your website, screen videos with you talking.
People could see what you mean, if you have not used Directory Opus before you would not know what a "Lister" is and so what you say has no meaning = no sale.
Hope you see what I mean.

If you can more effectively teach people about your product, it means the product can better sell itself.

You could even torrent the videos, getting the word out about how great the product is... Who reads a manual? really? Who has time?
The manual should be the last resort or a technical reference in most cases. Hpe you see what I am getting at? No manual comes with an ipad for example and that is aimed at people who are totally clueless, (of course I am not comparing your program to an ipad).

Being able to as easily as possible allow people to learn about your product is I would think in todays fast paced world really really important, especially if you want to grow your product beyond IT professionals, or even convince those IT professionals who have not yet been convinced that your product is great ie look what you can do.... videos :slight_smile:

I have taken the time to write to you as I want this great product to be as successful as it deserves to be. :slight_smile:
Sorry its ended up cross posted.
best wishes

Have you checked the links in Leo's signature? Plenty of useful stuff there to get you going. Search for 'Playful' and you'll find a useful links in his signature as well.