New DO icon


could you please tell where to download the new DO icon (64 pixels and - if possible - down to 22 pixels)? Need it for forthcoming icon sets :wink:. Thanks.

This is what's in the dopus.exe icon.

Note that the 64x64 one is a bit weird because it's designed to look correct when scaled down to about 48x48. The stroke (outlines) on it is too thick when it is displayed at the real 64x64 size, but looks right when it is reduced to 48x48.

This is because the 64x64 icon is selected by Windows 10 for the taskbar when at 200% DPI, and the Windows 10 taskbar scales down 64x64 images to about 48x48. (Windows 10 scales down the 64x64 image rather than selecting the actual 48x48 image which is also in the icon... go figure.)

So you might not want to use that 64x64 image, but there it is, from the icon.




64x64 (intended to be scaled down to 48x48):

Thanks Leo. Can you also post the one used in taskbar when lister is open (the orange more - I like it :slight_smile:)?

Those are generated at runtime based on the colors in Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display icon.

You might be able to do a screengrab and transplant the main disc over the icons above, so you get both the colored disc from the screengrab and the transparency in the edges from the originals.

Ha, I knew that were "my" colors :slight_smile:. Ok.