New FAYT tabs function and XP

-If only one tab is open, tabs list display 1 empty line, need to press up key
-If there are 2 tabs, tabs list display the last tab and a empty lines, first tab is forgotten, need to press up key to display it.
-Suggestion: select the current tab in tabs list. Why? Easy navigation between tabs.
Example: 5 tabs are open, the 3rd is activated. Use @ to display tabs list, now the last tab is selected, so if I need to activate the 2nd tab, I need to press Up key 3 times. So if activate tab is selected in tabs list, only one up key press. So imagine if you have 30 tabs, the 15th is activated and want to activate the 14th with keyboard.

Yes, i can confirm that. I normally use Win 7, but my main computer has to be repaired, & i have still XP on
my old notebook.

Need more info ?

Probably would have asked for more info if we'd needed it...

ok so we reported "bugs" only if you ask :confused:

The report is fine & useful.

You can assume that we read and look into every thread on the forum even if we don't reply immediately.

If there's a bug in a beta version that you report and find still isn't fixed in the next beta version, then it might be worth bumping the thread in case something was overlooked, but before then there's no need to.