New Feature for "Join"

While I can create a custom button to do what I want, what would be nice to have is when I JOIN files to have a check box that would allow me to simply check and it would put the resulting joined file in the source window instead of by default putting it into the destination window. there are times where I want it in one location or the other and I do not wnat to clutter up my DO with tons of buttons that would allow me to do it one way or the other. A simple check box would b nice

Hi father - the check-box is a good idea! And not to redirect your request but I also have more toolbar buttons than I want and achieve the effect you're looking for with a single context drop menu action that does a 'Join files here' maneuver with the command dopusrt /cmd Join TO "{dlgstring|Joined filename...|{destpath$}}". With this, if I just right click and drag/drop the files I want to join to the current folders white space - the source lister folder becomes {destpath} and all is good.

Speaking of Join command enhancements (not to hijack your post) one enhancement I would love to see is the ability to JOIN some files directly to an existing file. For instance, I have some of my movies which are too large for a single layer DVD broken up into pieces by Dopus Split and backed up to 2 DVD's. When I want to recombine the files, I would initially join all fragments on the first DVD to a single file on my hard drive. Then I would load the second DVD and join the remaining files to the single file already on my hard drive - but this causes Dopus to first copy the first 4GB file to another file destination file, then add the remaining DVD fragments to it. I'd really like to be able to join the files from the DVD directly to the first file I already reconstituted from the first DVD...

No worries on hijacking my thread.... I have plenty of other features I would like to see incorporated into the jon/split features.

I currently use JAS (Just Another Splitter) and it has a few great functions.


  1. Ability to make verify if all parts are available. This only works when a .000 part is found. If no .000 it counts all files up to .999 and tells u what the last part is. This is not a big thing because with DO you can select all your parts and join them. If any parts are missing, it lists them in the dialogue box so you know which parts you still need to get. Currently DO will not do this and the only way to do it is to highlight all your files and see if the total file count matches how many parts you are supposed to have.

  2. Once JAS figures out if you are missing any parts, it then does a filesize check. If any part is less than the total size of the first part, it complains and tells you. 99% of the time this means it will complain about the last file which is almost always smaller. If it tells you part 951 is less than all the others and you know this is the last part it will simply allow you to override and join the file.

  3. Delete original parts once join is complete. This is something that can be scripted into DO right now. A simple checkbox for this would be great as well. Mainly because this is not a feature I want to always use, especially if #1 and #2 are not part of DO. Too chancy that I looked too quickly and did not notice a piece that was a few k smaller.

Those 3 functions would be something that I would love to see incorporated into DO. For now I just have to manually scroll the list and see if any parts show up as a different size. While it works, it can be a pain.