New filename, visually truncated

[quote="Thraug"]Hi folks.

I've tried every suggestion mentioned here, and even the ones that state they work do not for me. I've even tried this on two different computers. I've exchanged emails with a Janathon Potter and he was unable to offer a working solution and even mentioned the column width behavior in List mode isn't working as intended.

I suggested a "Auto-size" option for List mode that would allow List mode to auto adjust its column width when a file is created/copied/renamed/??? to a length longer than the current longest file/folder.

johnpombrio, like you, I work in List mode almost always, and in my work I am renaming files 100s of times a day and I need to see the full filename as soon as it's renamed. Having to press F5 to refresh is very clumsy during my operations.[/quote]

Geez, I donno why manually setting FILENAME COLUMN in DETAILS MODE then changing to LIST MODE and saving the FOLDER OPTION will not work for you. Essentially, it is simply changing the FILENAME WIDTH of the COLUMN TAB in the FOLDER OPTION. Once I save it, it sticks to my 500 (that I set in DETAILS MODE). The only reason I can think of that this would go back to the 250 default would be auto-size is still checked somewhere or that you are somehow reloading a set-in-stone configuration every time you start a lister.

Thraug, if you want I can e-mail you my configuration file so that you can see that it indeed is possible to set the FILENAME WIDTH to something other than the default 250. Just PM me....

Here is what the Folder Option should look like after successfully changing the size. Note that the FILENAME is indeed 500 in the COLUMN TAB. All I then have to do is click on SAVE to set this as the default size.

Opus beta has some changes that should improve things here.

Having used beta I have to say that this issue is resolved!! A big thanks to the devs for implementing changes to address this issue, I really appreciate it. I'll be using DOpus for a long time, especially with MS's announcement that Win8 will have a ribboned Explorer. :stuck_out_tongue: