New Folder in lister

When I add a new folder in a lister, the new folder is named "New Folder". When I rename it, the new folder is highlighted, but the lister does not "move" to show the new folder in the visible part of the lister or at least not in the middle of the visible part of the lister. Is there any way to set this so that a new folder with its custom name always shows up in the middle of (the visible part of) the lister?


Hans L

Assuming you're renaming it in the file display itself, not in a separate dialog, Opus should follow it to its new location as long as you push return at the end.

For example, if you push an up/down cursor key instead of return, Opus will stay on the item you moved to, not the one that was just renamed which you moved off of.

Belated "Thank you" (I did not get an email notification; I will check to see what might be wrong)./Hans