'new folder' request

When creating a new folder is it possible to have currently selected file/folder name as the new name please.

Change the command to

CreateFolder NAME="{file}" ASK

Am using your recommended Create Folder button

CreateFolder NAME="{file}" ASK

and it is appending a (2) like so


Is there a way I can just have the selected filename(no extension) or folder without the (2)

No there's not, the command will always check if the default name exists already and append a number if so.

This might do what you want:

CreateFolder NAME="{dlgstring|Enter folder name|{file}}"

You'll still need to edit the name in some way, since you can't create a folder with the same name as a file, but it won't be edited when it appears in the prompt.

You will lose the ability to make multiple folders, so I would not use this to replace the standard New Folder button/hotkey.