New folder with items ... I want to be able to give it a name

I like the feature of selecting some files and folders and place them all in one folder.
But it happens a lot that I want to do this with several groups of files and folder that happened that they all exists on the same folder.
So if I selected the first group of files and folder and right clicked them and selected New Folder With Selection, every time it places them all in a folder titled New Folder With Items and gave it a name ended with incremented number like 1, 2 ...etc
So is it possible to have an option or a feature like a pop up or anything else when I click on the New Folder With Items that allow me to give the new created folder a NAME.
Something that like when I create a folder(s).

New folder with selection is probably not an Opus command (Teracopy?) and might be difficult to change.

You could instead use a button or a context menu with

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Thanks a lot for replying me.
I am sorry, I mean New Folder With Items
Where exactly to place the command you mentioned?
Also is it possible to add this command to the right click menu that appear when I right click items?

Is it possible to add this command to the end of the new folder drop down menu from the toolbar?2020-12-19_10-59-57

If you want a button, look here

or here, if you prefer a context menu.!Documents/Context_Menu.htm

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Thanks a lot.
I've added it to the exact place where I need it to be.
Also made it set to hide if nothing selected.


When I select anything.

When nothing selected.