New H-Drive problems

just like to say i think Opus is fantastic and im hooked! ... but a few teething problems i need a hand with.

1: ive lost the harddrive icons ?
2 ive just installed a new drive and it doesnt show in opus but it does in the harddrive manager?

any suggestions ?




On either or both issues, can you compare against windows explorer? Same problems there?


i have fixed the missing h drive issue, my fault there... doh, but since installing Opus my hardrive icons are now missing and also in explorer?

I doubt Opus caused the icons to go missing but you may be able to bring them back by going to Settings -> File Types..., selecting b Drive[/b] from the System File Types section and clicking Change Icon...

Actually this could be the result of the change in the last version to attempt to support icon changer programs. We will be putting out a minor update soon which hopefully fixes this.