New HDD (maybe removable devices too)

When new device (HDD) is installed in the system (windows popup message appears in systray), double click at the device from dopus don't open device...

Not sure what this means... do you mean:

  • click on the windows systray notification and Dopus doesn't open to show you the drive?
  • open an Dopus lister manually and cannot access the drive?

You said 'device' but you mean drive letter right? Is Dopus not doing something that you can otherwise do ok in Explorer?

When new device is installed directory opus can't open it from listener (double click on the my computer,... device), sorry for my english (i am from russia)...

Still not 100% sure what you mean by device... can Windows Explorer open the device? What is the drive letter assigned to the drive?

I've used Opus on new USB harddrives without problem. Like Steje says, check if Explorer can open them. Maybe the drive needs formatting or something.

I am insert new hdd into computer and after windows found it, explorer can open it, but directory opus can't, untill reboot.

Hmm... well that is strange for certain. Can you say what model hard disk device you see this problem with as well what OS version (WinXP?) and service pack? Also, is it indeed a USB hard drive? If so are you running any particular USB driver version or the windows default, and are you using a standard USB port built into an add-on card or the motherboard or some sort of USB hub?

If you right-click the device in My Computer, what's the default (bold) item? Maybe the HD has an autorun thing that's confusing Opus?

If it is that then you could either turn off autorun (for that drive letter), or remove the autorun files from the HD.

I just update bios, renew IDE cables and reinstall my winxpsp2... i think we never know what it was...
P.S. Thanks all!!!