New plugin: SWF Helper

Hi all,

i would like to present my first plugin for Opus,
i'ts called SWF Helper, should help you to enjoy
swf's, fast visual search through tons of swf's(from
your IE temp folder for example :slight_smile:) with
thumbnails preview. You can get it here:
[url=]SWF Helper/url

Also, want to ask your opinion about development
of shareware version of such plugin kind, which
will do
- resources extraction (JPG,MP3,...)
- compress/decompress
- More useful custom viewer
- FS commands support
- Trackbar
- Full screen
- Capture to bitmap or jpg
- And so on ...

Would it make some sence in this development ??
would Opus users buy it :slight_smile: ? for 10 bucks for example.

Works great, thanks for this.

As a flash developer I would pay 10 bux for the enchanced version of your swf plugin.