NEW! Prevent Acrobat from opening while I view PDFS in Opus

I am viewing pdf's in OPUS, they display fine, but it also opens up acrobat(if it is'nt already opened, [acrobat is blank with no file open] which I have to then close and resume opus. This annoys me, how do I stop it.

This question is not directly related to the PDF plugin problem previously solved.

I am viewing PDFS in OPUS correctly I just don't want a blank acrobat window popping up everytime I use the feature.

Does the same problem happen if you view a PDF in Explorer?

Either way, I would try (re)installing the latest version of Adobe Reader (the new name for Acrobat Reader).

Make sure you're viewing PDF files using the PDF-ActiveX plugin. In other words, ensure the PDF-ActiveX plugin is enabled and the PDF-Text plugin is not. Also configure the ActiveX Document plugin and make sure that .PDF is not listed as one of its filetypes.

If you still have problems it may be related to anti-virus software. While developing the ActiveX Document plugin we discovered that some anti-virus software (I think it was a version of Norton Anti-Virus but not all versions/configurations cause the problem) seems to hook ActiveX usage in a way which causes separate application windows to appear when their corresponding ActiveX controls are used inside other programs like Opus.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.