New purchase but no license forthcoming

I've purchased Directory Opus, but at the end of the process I did not receive a license, since the purchase (about 24 hrs ago) I've received nothing by email either.
I assumed there would be some mechanism in place to allow a purchaser to get a license... how is it normally done. And what do I have to do now.

I didn't see anything about this during the purchase... I paid thru paypal, and have included a screenshot showing the payment to gps software.

I attempted to use the license manager but of course it demands a token of some sort.

Any help appreciated

The licence is usually emailed to you shortly after making the payment.

It may be worth checking your mail program's junk/spam folder in case the email ended up in there by mistake.

Failing that, contact GPSoftware's sales email address with the details and they should be able to help.

(This is a user-to-user forum, not GPSoftware itself. The admins here don't have access to GPSoftware's account data.)