New Tabs in Customised Lister Styles

My default folder format is in "Details Mode", with a specific set of columns...

Now, I have created a new Lister Style and customized the format to show a different set of colums in the Details Mode.
I do not have any Tabs listed nor defined any Folder in that Style.

It works fine! But, when I open a new Tab, it shows the columns relevant to the default format.
Is it possible to define the format for all tab opened in the Lister Style?

Go to Preferences - Listers - Styles and select the style, then click the Tabs... button at the bottom-right. You can define the format of each tab there.

Thanks, but I actually meant something different...

I don't need pre-defined tabs. I want a particular format to be applied to a NEW TAB that is opened for any folder (i.e. for an extra tab, than what is specified in the Style)

Oh, I don't think you can do that.