Newbie copy and rename question

Hello I am new here and this is my first post on the forum; English is not my native language so please forgive my grammar and errors. I've been using registered version of DOpus for over 2 years now but still I'm far from utilizing its full potential. There are so many options nad configuration possibilities that I feel a little bit lost. So maybe this is a trivial question but how can I enable "rename of old files" menu while copying files from zip/rar archives? You know when you copy a file from regular directory and destination happens to contain a file with the same name you are given an option to rename new or old file(s) in addition to simply overwrite. But if your source is a virtual dir (such as from zip/rar archive) the only option is to overwrite the old contents with new one. Is there a config switch somewhere to enable more options when copying from archives?

I don't think you can at the moment, when extracting zip/rar archives. (Only when doing normal file copies.)

I think a request has already been sent to GPSoft to add this, though.

Thanks for quick reply. Hope it will be added in new version then.