Newbie question re themes

Hi all,
Brand new to Opus and would like to incorporate a theme, but have no idea how to do it! :frowning:

I have downloaded a couple themes from here.
Can someone please walk me thru what I need to do? :confused:

Many thanks

[ol][li]Backup your current configuration in case you want to go back to it. Do this via Settings -> Backup & Restore...
[li]Unpack the zipped theme you downloaded. You should end up with a .dlt file. If there's no .dlt file in the zip then it isn't really a theme. Some of the "themes" on the site are really .ocb full config backups which are of dubious value since they will trash all of your own settings and customized toolbars. :frowning: Some of the zips contain both a full backup and a theme file, which is fine.
[li]Go to Settings -> Lister Themes...
[li]Use File -> Import Theme... and point it at the .dlt file.
[li]The theme will now be shown in the list of available themes and you can select it and click Apply.[/li][/ol]

Hi Leo
Thanks for your reply. It works!
Now, just one more. How do i get background graphics to work in folders?
Eg, a 'text' type graphic in the Documents folder

many thanks

Did you read this FAQ: [HOW TO: Understand and Configure Background Images) ? :wink: