Newbie Question - Sort Arrow Inverted?

So I am relatively new to Directory Opus and like it a lot. I reviewed the manual and FAQ on the board, but I can't seem to find an answer to my question.

When I sort by name in a directory, it seem to me that arrow next to the sorted column is inverted.

In the attach graphic I have sorted my MP3 U2 directory. For the most part the name of the directory start with the release year of the album. But arrow is inverted from other programs would show. Is there way to change this behavior? Much thanks to those that reply.


FAQ: Change the direction of the sort arrows

Excellent, I've been looking for that very option but haven't bothered to post a request!

A follow-up question: Is there a way to change the default sort order for the first click? For example, if I want to sort by size the first time I click the size column it sorts smallest to largest. I routinely want largest to smallest, so I'm always clicking twice.

Hold down Shift when clicking the column or:
Settings > preferences > display > fields >

I currently have Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced - reverse_sort_arrows set to false.

Previous discussion leads me to believe that this means the arrows should point in the opposite direction than in explorer.

For the Name column, this is true:

Explorer - Alphabetically lowest name first - Arrow points up
Alphabetically lowest name last - Arrow points down

Opus - Alphabetically lowest name first - Arrow points down
Alphabetically lowest name last - Arrow points up.

This seems to be as expected.

Now consider b Modified[/b].

Explorer - Oldest first - Arrow points up.
Oldest last - Arrow points down.

Opus - Oldest first - Arrow points up.
Oldest last - Arrow points down.

With reverse_sort_arrows set to true:

Opus -

Name - Alphabetically lowest name first - Arrow points up.
Alphabetically lowest name last - Arrow points down.

Modified - Oldest first - Arrow points down
Oldest last - Arrow points up.

I don't know that I'm really concerned about this, but there seems to be inconsistent behavior between columns. Consdering these two columns only (I haven't investigated others), the default behavior seems to be for Opus to be opposite explorer for Name and the same as explorer for Modified.

If I use reverse_sort_arrows set to true to make Name match Explorer, Modified no longer matches.

This is in Opus, for whatever that's worth.

What's wrong with mimicking Windows Explorer and simply do it the way it does? After all this is a Windows Explorer substitute isn't it? I find Dopus' use of the arrows not only inconsistent and confusing but one very irritating treatment of a "most used" function.

Can't someone come up with at least an option to mimic WE so we aren't continuously distracted by the improper use of that arrow?

After reading more about Dopus' history, I understand the mentality of the way the arrows work.

HOWEVER, for newly converted Opus users coming from a WE with arrows the way MS has used them from the beginning of their use, having to change to the Opus mentality just because they were there first doesn't sooth the problem. Just have an option that "uses MS WE" arrow techniques and be done with it. That way you make us all happy.

Thanks for any consideration you may give this highly important and frequently used primary feature.

There is such an option.