Newbie Questions: USB Eject, Drives in Folder Tree, OneDrive File-on-Demand Disable in Preview, etc

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Not sure whether post the questions separately in multiple posts or consolidate all questions here so I went with the less spammy method.

I am currently evaluating Opus after my industry peers were raving about it. Here are some questions as I see whether I can adapt my workflow and muscle memory. It's speedy and way more stable than Explorer.

Here are questions I can't seem to find answers to.

External Device Eject
Is there an eject in context for external devices? I can't find a button or context menu to do this

I know we can use taskbar icon for that but oft-times some process locks the device and it's usually explorer completing something in the background or screwing up and you have no way to know when the process ends or dies so you can't eject the device properly short of a logout or shutdown. I find that if ejecting within Explorer, this doesn't happen.

Drives in Folder Tree
I know this question has been asked in 1 form or another but the posts are from over 5 years ago. Wondering if there was a way to section out drives instead of having them show up under Desktop/PC

Be nice if we can do that for the various online storage services as well.

Disable OneDrive File on Demand downloads in Preview
So I have multi-gigabyte 7z files in a work OneDrive and the folders usually consists of Images + the Archive. If I have the preview open, the moment selection jumps to the 7z file, it starts downloading it. This doesn't happen in Explorer.

This is a nice to obvious have but my layout was to have Preview and Meta viewers open on the right side of my screen all the time. Why have Ultrawide Screen when you don't make use of that extra real estate?

The workaround right now is to either use my old process which is Quicklook or to open and close the viewers as needed.

Powershell Window in Opus
Are there any places to integrate Terminal Instances into Opus so we don't have to alt-tab out to a Terminal Window?

Remember toolbar position
I have a tab in Thumbnail mode (just found out how to set that folder to default to thumbnail mode by using file paths, not exactly intuitive on this one). Whenever I go to that Tab, the Image Toolbar shows up, so I can see resizing of each section on the UI since the Image Toolbar pops up under the default toolbar.

This can be jarring to the eyes when you are tabbing back and forth. I tried moving the toolbar next to the default tool bar so it's not adding another toolbar roll whenever I tab back to the Thumbnail view tab. However this doesn't save and everytime a new instance of Opus is launch, it reverts back to below the default toolbar.

Set as Default Lister and setting Lister layout doesn't work.

Thanks now.

So far, I'm liking Opus. If I can get used to the new workflow, I'll probably be purchasing it.

Separately is best, at least in general. Guidance here:

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