Newbie.. With 2 panes, how to use operations toolbar on each

It seems that the operations toolbar only works on one pane. I must be missing something. I expected that if I click on the other file list pane that I would be able to use the operations toolbar in that pane. I have tried to select items in the second pane and then adjust the thumbnail sizes and it only operates on the first pane.

Commands on the Operations toolbar work on whichever side is currently active.

The Operations toolbar doesn't normally contain anything for changing thumbnail sizes, so I am not sure exactly which setting/command you're using, but the thumbnail size slider which can appear on toolbars will affect the active side as well, by default. It can be changed to only affect one side or the other, or both, depending on how it's set up.

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Thank you Leo! I'm referring to this toolbar, which I thought was "operations". Yesterday it was stuck to only work on one side and couldn't figure out the logic. Now when I test I see it controlling both panes at the same time. AND now I figured out why, duh. It applies the thumbnail size to the thumbnails IF both panes are set to view as thumbnails. Silly me. Thanks! I'm good now and will mark your answer as answer. :slight_smile: