News and updates running wild?

Updated to ver 12.9 today.
Now every 30 min Opus News and Updates runs...and runs endlessly
It needs to be manually closed....doesn't see new 12.9 ver...never closes on its own...keeps searching.
It does see older versions.

Any thoughts?

12.9 is not on the auto-updater yet, which explains that. (New versions are announced here a few days before we put them on the auto-updater.)

If the auto-updater keeps appearing, check if the Modified timestamp on C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Global Data\globaldata.omd has changed, or if it is quite old.

Try opening the same file in Notepad, adding a blank line at the bottom, and saving the change. Does the file size and date increase, or does saving the file fail?

If saving the file fails, something has messed up the file permissions on that folder or the parent folder. The parent, C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus, should grant Full Control to Everyone, with it being inherited below that.

Timestamp was dated with today's date and time....seemed ok
I added a blank line as you suggested.
Lets wait and see what happens now.

Thank you

Check for updates popup is back....
Every 30 minutes

Not fixed.....

Have you rebooted since installing the 12.9 update?

Which version does Help > About say you are running?

What does the updater window say exactly? Could you paste a screenshot?

Have not rebooted...I will do that now
About panel shows ver 12.9


Ok...about 30 min after reboot popup appears and indicated my version is current...

I closed it.
Now lets see if it pops up again....


Popup Update window seems to be behaving well now.
Must have needed a reboot?

Thank you