NEWTAB - test if exists

I don't know if this is possible now, and I am missing something obvious, but I would like the 'Newtab' option to a 'GO' command to check that the new tab to be created does not already exist in the specified lister. In other words, 'go "e:\jmndesk\utilities" NEWTAB ' would look to see if a tab existed for "e:\jmndesk\utilities" and give it focus if so, otherwise create the new tab. I have quite a few buttons that I use intermittently to open specific locations including 'Go DRIVEBUTTONS=multifunctabs' that would benefit from not opening additional identical tabs.

Hopefully someone can tell me how to do this, otherwise I will make it a feature request.



I'd like this as well, especially for use in combination with the command* which opens the parent folders of the selected items (e.g. from a Find Results collection). It's annoying when there's more than one result in the same folder and it causes two tabs for it to open.

(* Go NEWTAB=nofocus OPENCONTAINER=target)

Super idea...

Thanks Leo and Steje. I have made this a feature request.