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Nikon D850 copy NEF (RAW) files to PC

I want to use OD 12.18 x64 to copy NEF (RAW) files to my D: drive. There is a USB3 -cable connection between the Nikon D850 and my desktop (Gigabyte 1700 Ryzen). USB 2 same problem
The first file is copied, and then the program stops copying... and hangs. Looks like a buffer is filled up.
I have to disconnect the camera and try it again. Sometimes I can copy 2 or 3 files before it stops.
When I use the Windows10 Explorer with copy and past there is no problem.
Any suggestions what could be the problem?

Thanks Henri

You may be able to improve things by toggling the mtp_enable setting in Opus, which delegates more of the job to the Windows shell than normal.

Failing that, I'd recommend using a USB memory card reader instead of transferring directly from the camera.

More detail here: MTP and transferring files with Android phones, Cameras