No ActiveX previews

The thread on viewing thumbnails in infotips made me realize that I do not see any thumbnails for my docs or pdfs. I have them enabled in the plugin and I am runnning the latest DirOpus ( I included the infotip in the screenshot because I also enabled thumbnails in the infotips for document file types. Is there some other configuration step I am missing?


At the moment:

The ActiveX plugin only displays files in the preview panel / viewer window. It does not generate thumbnails.

To see PDF and Word thumbnails you must enable Settings -> Preferences / Lister Display Modes / Thumbnails Mode: Use shell image extractions for formats Opus does not understand.

Opus will then use any shell extensions you have to generate thumbnails that it cannot generate itself. Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word both install shell extensions to generate thumbnails so you should then see thumbnails for their formats in Opus.

Note that you will only see thumbnails for PDF documents that were saved with embedded thumbnails. If in doubt, check whether or not you see a thumbnail for the same file(s) in Explorer.

Thank you. That worked for pdfs but not for Office documents. But, thats okay, I'm allright with what I've got.