No auto refresh of folder sizes?


I have the following problem on my "Directory Opus" 12.21 :

View 1 : I open once "Directory Opus" (A) and create a directory named "TEST" in c:
View 1 : I open a second "Directory Opus" (B), I select 100 files, I copy them in my "TEST" directory.

View 2: I look at the view on my "Directory Opus" (A) and the information in my "TEST" directory is still at "empty", even though it has 100 files in it.

View 3: If I go to my "Directory Opus" (B) and I move the view up a notch, so a view above my "TEST" directory, it is "empty" (even though I have 100 files in it).

How do I get an auto refresh feature to work?

Thank you for your help and advice (sorry for my bad English)

Folder Sizes only calculate when you tell them to (or when you change folders or push F5, if Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically is on for the folder or globally). They are not constantly re-calculated, as there is no good way to do that in Windows.

If you push F5 or Edit > Calculate Folder Sizes (Ctrl-K in newer configs) it will recalculate the sizes. (Ctrl-K calculates just the selected folders, if any are selected, or all folders if nothing is selected.)

Hello Leo,

Thank you for your quick response and sorry for putting a message for nothing. I thought I had a problem at home with these non-automatic updates.

Thank you!

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