No automatic update of folder contents with Google Drive File Stream

I have installed Google Drive File Stream a couple of weeks ago and I have transferred 192 gigabytes of files to Google Drive. Fle Stream creates a G drive and provides apparently local access to files stored on Google Drive. It works well.

I have noticed however that Directory Opus does not automatically update folder contents when I move files from one G drive directory to another. If I press F5 on the source and destination folders, updates take place -- but not automatically. Thinking that this may be a File Stream issue, I tested with Windows Explorer and the updates are indeed automatic there.

Is this something that you can fix? Thanks in advance.

Benoît Gauthier

Please try the things here, and let us know what the diagnostic log shows if none of the others are relevant:

Hi, Leo. Thanks for your response.

I went through all the instructions and came up empty. DebugView showed nothing. I have attached a log from ProcessMonitor. (2.9 MB)

I have observed that moving a folder is reflected immediately -- but not a file.


DebugView showed nothing at all? Did you check if it was working in normal folders? If it shows nothing anywhere then the debug mode can't be turned on.


in the process of implementing the testing described at Changes to folders are not being detected, I noticed that file movements are properly reported if I set "no_external_change_notify" to false.

Is there a downside to leaving this option to the false value?


P.S.: Windows Explorer is kinda strange: it shows the file reaching the destination folder but not leaving the source folder.

That setting should be false normally and is false by default.

If you set it to true, Opus completely ignores file changes that originate outside of Opus. It's only for diagnostic purposes.

That may explain all that was going wrong.

Maybe Google Drive File Stream doesn't send change notifications properly.

Thank you very much. I think this thread has come to a conclusion.