No button text in {dlgstring} dialog

Sorry to bother you with this as it's probably a Win98 only thing,
but Greg's post does claim the ANSI version to be Win9x compatable.

That said, there is something wrong with text display on the buttons of {dlgstring}.

The button text of the {dlgopen}, {dlgmulti}, {dlgsave}, and {dlgfolder} dialogs all seem to be fine though.

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You are supposed to bother us! Thanks!

Looks like a problem in the ANSI version under w98 for some Unicode functions. We'll put out an update later today (Australian time). Please download this later ANSI version and reinstall tonight . The file will say 8033 but it will actually be 8034 version when you install it. Please let us know by direct email if you find other problems. Thanks!


There's a new version of the preview available for download now which hopefully fixes the reported ANSI glitches. Same file name but it is actually version now. Let us know how it goes.