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No Christmas or New Year sale this year?

I have asked Sales dept 2 weeks ago via mail and they said they planned it. But there are no signs of a sale yet...

IIRC there was a sale "due to a popular demand" around the Christmas for a few days. Wasn't widely advertised but there was a banner at the top here on the forums. Opus sales are obviously "blink and you'll miss it" :smiley:

I bet if you contact the sales they'd give you some kind of a personal holiday discount (no guarantee but worth asking).

There may be one in the new year, but I am not sure, as it's not my department. For anything about sales, please contact Sales rather than here.

I got my copy, thanks!

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Got my ex to buy a copy two weeks ago… she was hogging two of my licenses!

She's an example of those people who would never have heard about Opus on her own, but who cannot live without it. She's a non-techie, but she's drowning in hundreds of files.

Same for a friend of mine who's an architect. Came to computers late, and would hate them if it weren't for Opus.