No Filters set, but I have 391 Hidden Files in my listing


I've been beating my head against a brick wall long enough. Time to call in the big dogs.

I'm trying to compare my local OneDrive photos total with the Online OneDrive photos count. Long story, won't even try to go into it except to say OneDrive has a terrible bug.

Pics attached to display my problem. I'm listing the local OneDrive pictures and videos and their associated files. Using flat view so I can do a quick look and see missing folders/files, etc. Note when you look at my pics, it shows my hidden files, and I've also shown the Path folder format settings for the path I'm listing. I'm showing the format is NOT using any hidden filters. Another pic shows the Global Filters from preferences and it also shows nothing is hidden.
I'm running v 11.17 64bit on Win 10 Pro

Any help appreciated.

Hover your mouse over the 391 hidden in the status bar and it will tell you which files are hidden, which might give a clue as to why they're being hidden.

Click it to toggle Show Everything mode and they'll all be shown.

Edit: Show Everything was added in Opus 12 and clicking the count won't do anything in Opus 11, but you should still be able to see a list of example filenames which are hidden by hovering over it. --Leo

Thanks a lot. The Hover didn't have room to show it all, but enough that I knew the culprit was my latest
Photo Software. It creates a folder called "Originals" for any pic that is edited. That folder is hidden for cosmetic reasons in the Photo Gallery view... But if I had designed the software, I would have made a flag that is set inside the photo software, instead of affecting a file count when someone is reconciling a HUGE bug in OneDrive!!!

Appreciate the help., and how I wish I could go to 12. Money's spoken for now...