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No "ghosting" of items that have beet "Cut"

In DOpus 8 and Explorer, when you select a bunch of files and then hit Ctrl-X, or select "Cut" from the menu, the icons for the items become ghosted or faded, to indicate their special status. In DOpus 9 this does not seem to happen any longer. The selection is removed from said items, but their icons stay the same... There is no visual indication whatsoever of them having been cut.

I am quite sure, Dopus9 did it previous night, but when i checked it now, it´s true, no ghosting at all. Sometimes i cannot customize
something by dragging an icon, & after restarting Dopus it is working again. Maybe this is such an issue.

Edit: Yep, just as i said, restart dopus by exiting the whole task & it should be good again.

I see the ghosting here under Vista Ultimate.

yeah, like i said, there seems to be a class of fairly minor bugs which keep sneaking around every now & then, vanishing after a Dopus restart. I don´t even believe they can be reproduced easily.

I saw similar effects including that what the thread opener said (was no ghosting after Ctrl-X), couldn´t use the Hotpaths (this was on version 8.2), dragging icons into the toolbar failed, & all those effects are happening occasionally & disappering after a restart, that is what they have in common.

I once saw Ctrl-X not trigger ghosting as well.

I have a feeling it may be triggered by changing visual styles, e.g. after connecting to a computer via Remote Desktop and then going back to the same computer locally. That would explain why restarting Opus clears it up.

I only saw it once though and it's only a theory. If anyone can track down an exact cause then I'm sure it'll be easy to fix. At the moment it's hard to know how to make it happen so it might be difficult to fix.

Using Vista Ultimate - ghosting via menu-cut or ctrl-x is always ok.

Interesting notes about restarting. Question: if I have set DOpus to act as a replacement for Explorer (the recommended setting), how do I restart DOpus? Or does this mean I have to reboot? That would be most annoying...

Incidentally, I think a restart might trigger another problem I've seen: I performed the following operation on a bunch of RAR files:

  • right click to get context menu
  • from menu select WinRAR > Extract here
    After a while I wanted to move the directories so created, but kept failing. Poking around with "Unlocker" utility, it turns out DOpus has kept a lock on these directories ever since, even though it is not displaying the directories anywhere anymore... I suspect a restart will clean this up too... then I can diagnose whether this is a bug and how to reproduce it...

There's no need to reboot.

Right-click the Opus tray icon and select Exit to shut it down. It'll restart again automatically when you double-click a folder or the desktop.

Opus 9 also lets you configure it to exit automatically whenever no lister windows are open.

It may not be Opus itself that was holding the locks. All of the shell extensions (including WinRAR's context menu, and all the others) in the system get loaded into dopus.exe, so if one of them creates a lock it will be attributed to dopus.exe. Same with viewer plugins, video codecs, etc. etc. That isn't to say it definitely isn't Opus either, but it could be any number of things.

If you can work out a reproducible sequence of events that results in a lock like that then you can use a process of elimination to work out what is causing it. This FAQ describes how to disable individual context menu handlers, for example. Disabling viewer plugins can be done easily through Preferences->Plugins, too.

If you do uncover anything let us know.

I have been running compression programs.
The first was a 7zip command-line that takes an hour to complete.
This was run from a selected folder in DOpus using a button.
The second is a compressed iso file that also requires about an hour of cumputing time.
The second task was started after the first was completed ( no relation to each other ) and the files were selected from a non DOpus GUI.

I read this thread as the second task was processing and I could not see the normal 'ghosting' effect of a Cut file.

I exited Dopus with the process still running, as it is now, and restarted Dopus.
The 'ghosting' effect of cut files/foldes is now normal.
Hmmm ... how about that Setcolor thing we discussed in another thread Nudel ?

I'll try to repeat this when this compression process is finished in 50 minutes or so.
No guarantees, but I've seen the effect.


Edit Note:
I had also been using a USB removable drive.

[quote="nudel"]There's no need to reboot.

Right-click the Opus tray icon and select Exit to shut it down. It'll restart again automatically when you double-click a folder or the desktop.

Oh! I see, I was under misguided assumption that "bad things"(tm) happened when you did that... this opinion was formed on the basis of one very recent incident (DO9? not sure) where DOpus became non-responsive, and then this condition started slowly spreading to other apps; trying to kill of DOpus in that instance just rapidly accelerated the downward spiral...

Anyhow, I'm rambling... that's great to hear. Thanks Nudel!

I've seen that happen when accessing \localhost (e.g. for the Previous Versions feature in Vista), in both Explorer and Opus. Don't know if it's Vista itself or maybe some part of my network drivers but something is very wrong there. Since it happens in Explorer I don't think Opus is the cause. Don't know if it's the same as what you saw though.

In my case it was on WinXP SP2, and only once, in DOpus... mind you, I have such disregard for Explorer that it might have occurred there too, and I simply considered it "par for the course" and forgot all about it... :wink:

I can't reproduce it yet.
The only thing I haven't tried yet is the removable USB drive.
It's a SATA notebook HD with USB 2 connectivity.
It also has a the ability to copy flash cards without any connection to a computer.

For what it's worth, it's here.
I got it dirt cheap ( $35 US ) and it included Win98 drivers.
I'll try giving it some hell see if I can reproduce it.