No highlight border of a button

This is my first request as a registerd user! i think 62€ is a bit too much for what i need but i like customizable software and i liked the support you gave me until now,so please don't stop now that i gave you my money :smiley:

Ok let's come to the problem.
I chcked this option to not see the borders of a couple of buttons but you can see there is a strange blu effect

"Ripristina" has this option turned off so its view is deaful
"Estensioni" has the option turned on but the background becomes blu

Hovering mouse on the text,the blu background oges away and i see the deaful color of the toolbar.

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Which option do you mean?

What are the commands on those buttons?

This is Estensioni. Toggles extensions On Off

While Riprstina has the command "set GROUPBY=off "

It seems that i see the blu background instead of the normal highlight. so i see it if the button is pressed.

In the Customize window, if you select (label, not checkbox) the toolbar which has Estensioni on it, is the Label Color on the right being overridden and set to red?

Yes yes. the red text is Ok and that's not the problem for the blu background because the other toolbar has the default color for text and "Ripristina" has the same problem

in fact now i just reverted to black text and the blu background is still there if i choose to hide extensions (button pressed)

So the Estensioni button is irrelevant here as it isn't what is turning blue?

"Estensioni" has the option turned on but the background becomes blu

Did that mean to say a different thing?

I am still not sure which option you mean by "the option turned on".

OK, what is the command on the thing that is turning blue?

the option (setting) i was talking about is the one on the title,you can see it in the screeshot
there is not any other command besides the one of the button that i showed you in the screenshot

When the button is pressed (this means that i hide extensions):
If this is checked


I see this

If it's not checked then i see this

If the button is not pressed the background is ok obviously but i made the button to use it :slight_smile:

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Add @toggle:disable to the command if you do not want the button to indicate when the thing it toggles is active:


Ok for images and OK for @toggle:disable. it's doing what i want.
But i thought htat "no highlight border" should have the same function and i don't understand where that blu background comes from....

Here's the manual's description of that checkbox:

No highlight border: The button won't have a border (frame) when the mouse is over it.

Is that not the case?

I think it is basically the difference between indicating the button is "hot" using the button style and the menu style. It has no effect when the mouse is not over the button.

Well ok. Let's say problem solved. Now i answer to the other thing