No hourglass when launching app

Often I doubleclick on a file to have it opened in its associated app.
Hover in the few seconds it takes to lauch that app, there is no hourglass within Dopus to suggest it is doing anything.
Often I find myself double clicking several times thinking maybe I clicked too slowly and the double didn't take. Next thing the app finally comes up - twice or more.

Any thoughts?

I get the pointer-and-hourglass cursor, which indicates an application is loading, for at least some of the files I double-click, for example AVI (which launches Media Player Classic) and MP3 (launches Foobar2000).

Do you see the same thing in both Explorer and Opus?

Does it only happen with certain programs or filetypes?

When I use Explorer, I get an hourglass immediately. The hourglass then blinks or changes.
It appears that there are two stages. While launching the app, Explorer produces an hourglass. Once the app has started running, it produces its own hourglass while loading (eg. from splash screen to main screen)
Dopus doesn't produce the initial hourglass.

So depending on the speed of your PC, if its really fast, then your app probably gets initialised so quick that you don't miss the initial hourglass and straight away see the one generated by the app itself.
On my clunker, there's a fair delay in there.

Seems to be on any app. Some apps take longer to initialise than others.


I see what you mean: With Explorer when I launch an app I briefly get the big hourglass cursor that indicates the program (Explorer) is busy, then I see the arrow-and-hourglass cursor that indicates an application is loading.

I think this may be because Explorer is single-threaded. The big hourglass means Explorer is launching the application and you can't do anything else (in Explorer) until the launch is complete.

In Opus, the application launch is done on a separate thread, allowing you to continue using Opus as you wish without delay, so there's no hourglass to indicate that Opus is busy because it isn't.

I guess (at least on slower or heavily loaded machines) it might be good to show the arrow-and-hourglass cursor in Opus when there's a thread running in the background to launch an action. I'm not sure how easy that would be to do without it showing the cursor in wrong/innappropriate times, though. Maybe a special case for double-click would make most sense.