NO infotip on image thumbnails please

Hi forum,

I have already disabled any infotip except "thumbnail" for ALL files, image files, document files, and whatnot.

Still I do get an annoying infotip on images in thumbnail mode telling me file type and size!

How can I get rid of ANY infotip in thumbnails mode.


If you don't want any InfoTips at all, ever (which is what it sounds like) it's easiest to turn them off from Preferences / Listers / File Display / Enable file InfoTips rather than one at a time through the FileTypes system.

No, as I wrote I was after the information about:

"How can I get rid of ANY infotip in thumbnails mode."

Alright, what I want is thumbnail & sizauto infotip for ALL files in details mode, and NO infotip in thumbnails mode. As simple as that...

No matter what I do however, I keep getting the file type and size infotip in thumbnails view mode!


Use the controls on that Preferences page, and set it to Power/Details mode only then.

Unfortunately, that does not change a thing. I still get this (annoyingly large) infotip on every image file:

FWIW I have the same symptom here. even unchecking the "Enable Infotips" option only disables them in Power & Details modes. List, Lg. and Sm. Icons, and Thumbnails always show th infotip.


Yes you're right - this would seem to be a bug.