No new beta for over two months

I am checking the beta page every day. Can we expect a new beta sometime soon?

Why not automate that by subscribing to the release feed?

I have been on a relatively old beta for quite a while, only now I am going to update to 12.6.

12.7 (beta?) is on it's way :slight_smile:

There's always another version on the way. :slight_smile: Sometimes they're very frequent and sometimes less so, depending on what we're doing.

Not sure what the purpose of this thread is. It won't be released until we're ready to release something, which isn't yet, and the thread won't make us release something sooner than we would have otherwise. Please be patient. :slight_smile:

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A lot still to do! (Available since eternity)
A fix for:
Not conversion pictures when dual lister open.
Adobe reader setup when scrolling in dual lister with full flatview.
Ftp, skip a file does not copy complete directory.
Mtp, device loaded and odnerstruktur without function
Adminmodus, time is not set as
Folders count together, exotic numbers.
Slow opening of the lister (up to 30sec.)
and other things

eine menge noch zu tun! (seit ewigkeiten vorhanden)
ein fix für:
nicht konvertierung bilder wenn dual lister offen.
starting adobe reader setup wenn scrollen in dual lister mit full flatview.
ftp, überspringen einer datei lässt komplettes verzeichnis nicht kopieren.
mtp, gerät ausgelastet und odnerstruktur ohne funktion
adminmodus, zeit bleibt nicht wie eingestellt
ordner zusammen zählen, exotische zahlen.
langesames öffen des lister (bis 30sec.)
und anderes

Throwing a list of vague issue titles with no details into a single thread won't help anything, I'm afraid.