No replace confirmation dialog is displayed

Dear readers,

I'm using version 11.18. When I copy+paste a file or directory over the network dopus does not show a replace dialog. In the settings under copy options I have all three "Ask for confirmation..." boxes checked, and the two settings below say "ask how to copy".
In my case the directory is copied in a remote desktop session. When I paste it, it automatically creates a second directory with "(1)" behind it and it just refuses to merge no matter what I try. (I have to open an old fashion Windows Exploder window to make this work)
I run into this like 20 times and it's getting annoying...

I'd have to do a lot of digging to find out the rationale, but Opus does this when pasting clipboard files from a "virtual" source, that is where the file data refers to streams of data rather than actual file paths.

If you do the same copy & paste but using a network share pointing at the same files as the source, rather than the Remote Desktop session as the source, then you'll get the normal Replace dialogs (and other improvements; more can be done with real files than with data streams).