No response when right click folder name in location bar

It's a issue since DO, when I right click a folder name in location bar, there should be a context menu for it. It's okay in DO, but I found some times it's no response - no context menu when I right click folder name in location bar since DO to
When this issue happens, the issue remains although I open new lister, but if I quit DO completely (include icon in taskbar) and re-open DO again, the issue will be resolved.

Chances are it's a shell extension going wrong with Opus, though I'm not sure what changed in that might cause that.

Try the suggestions in this FAQ: Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files.

I try all DO 10 beta release from to on my same PC, it's okay in and

This issue is same in DO

Did you try the suggestions in the FAQ I linked?