No thumbnails for icon files?

I am not seeing thumbnails for .ico files (Windows icons) in Directory Opus I have just installed the evaluation version yesterday, so I don't have any local settings customizations at all. Is there some way I can get this working? Browsing folders full of lots of image files (including icons) is one of the main features I want to try to compare to Windows Explorer before my evaluation runs out.

That´s strange, because i have no problems here with .ico files. You could try following: in -> settings -> file types, under the file types groups, you could add ".ico" to the images file types. Click "edit", "new" &
add the .ico into the extensions field. You can control the file types display in -> settings -> preferences -> folders -> folder formats -> file type formats -> images (click the edit button or Alt-b to edit), setting it to view thumbnails(in the dialogs second tab).

Thanks for the suggestion, but no dice. Here are a few images of what's happening. - I added ICO extension as you suggested - still no icon file thumbnails - same folder in Windows Explorer

Sorry, i can´t find any reference to ico files in the plugins section. The only thing maybe worth to mention, that in the system filetypes icos are
set to use Window´s image handler. Maybe you can compare this setting?

Just for the record. I never had to change any settings and .ico's work for me on v9 and v10. Currently on

Reboot tested?

Disabling the setting "Folders > Folder Display > Show generic icons for ..." fixed it. This was difficult to figure out.

OMG!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!