Nokia Phone Suite, Phone Explorer, ACCESS DENIED

Hi, ive installed nokia phone suite 6.70.22, dopus v8.1.0.5 and it seems dopus doesnt wanna work with the phone explorer, saying "Browsing To this folder has been disabled."
it works fine in explorer, however it seems to not let dopus run sometimes, so i have to kill the processes for the nokia program, let dopus load and then try it. so yeah, a bit of fun, all of this whilst the phone is connected via IR as well. also takes bout 5-10 seconds to load images with acdsee from both dopus and explorer, so im not sure exactly what its all doing.

just wondering if anyone else had problems with it, though i dont mind using explorer if need be for browsing the phone.

Nokia's PC-side software (like Sony Ericsson's) is pretty awful unfortunately. :frowning: I had such a nightmare getting Bluetooth working. Don't remember having the problem you describe though...

Anyway, you might find things work better if you add the Nokia phone to the list of folders Opus won't take over in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Explorer Replacement. That will at least stop Opus launching if you double-click the Nokia icon outside of Opus. It might still be a problem when doing it inside of Opus.

I've got a Nokia phone at the moment so I might be able to install the latest phone software (assuming that's what you're using?) and see if I can help GPSoft find out if there's anything they can do on their side to improve things.

Why are you running an old version of Opus? Install the current version of Opus and see if it works. The Nokia issues were fixed some time ago in an 8.2.x version.

ahh yeah, installed the latest and it works:D thanks

however it didtn want to import my settings from the 4 or so backups of the settigns from prev versions i have (multiple dates) so i reconfigured all my settings.

just curious though, is there a way to disable the tabs bar at the bottom right?

also with the new filter tool, what syntax is needed for multiple filtering? blah1 & blah2 etc?

and anyway to make a lister disable the greenand orange bar, like a single mode without the source destination stuff, saving that lil bit of area:P ?

You can install a new version over the top of an old version and it will use your previous settings. No need to restore or reconfigure them.

Tabs: Preferences / Listers / Folder Tabs

Filter: b[/b] will match blah1 or blah2 (this isn't new though, it's always been that way).

You cannot disable the File Display Border (green/orange bar) when the lister is in Dual-Display mode. You can turn it off in single-display mode but its always visible in dual mode (else how do you know which paths are being shown? :slight_smile:)

ahh cool, how do i turn it off for single mode:D

Preferences / Listers / File Display: Show file display border in single display mode

ty very muchly :smiley: