Nomad Explorer Conflict

Installed Nomad Explorer for my Nomad Jukebox and when I select the desktop icon, Dopus loads. When I expand the tree for the Nomad icon, Dopus opens a Windows directory instead of the appropriate Jukebox directory. Nomad explorer works fine if I open it in Windows Explorer, but I would rather use Opus. Any ideas?

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Is the Nomad a mass-storage device (i.e. it gets a drive letter allocated to it) or does it work via a special namespace in Explorer?

Somes namespaces still have compatibility problems with Opus, alhough I haven't heard of any that had problems for a while since Jon fixes all the known ones. Problem is, if it is a compatibility issue, Jon would probably need a Nomad to investigate it. :frowning:

It works as a special namespace in Explorer. There a (2) directory trees: Data Library and Music Library. When you select either, the current user's default "Documents and Settings" directory is listed instead.


Could you tell me exactly which actual Nomad device this is (does it matter?) so we can see if we can find one locally to try out.

Email me directly ( with details and a link if you can.



Regards, Greg

i ve the same problem, but no idea ;(

opus strictly ignore the zen jukebox.. perhaps, it creats a button with drag and drop and list than the following command:

start in:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Startmen├╝\Programme

but i doesnt work

on the jukebox i have the firmware 1.20.08 and the nomad explorer 3.01.10 ... have anybody a idea ??

I've spoken to Creative here in Australia and they tell us that Nomad explorer and devices are not traditional plugin devices under Windows. They tell me that the Nomad Explorer is a totally independent stand-alone application and the devices do not provide any system namespace that open in Windows Explorer itself. So, from what thay tell me, it will not work in Windows Explorer so it definately will not work in Opus either.

Regards, Greg

Well thats wrong, when you install the nomad explorer you get a new Drive called "NOMAD Explorer" where you can access your player like a normal folder.

Thanks for this.

And? And this appears as a system namespace (virtual folder) that works correctly under Windows Explorer and not under Opus? Is this the case?

Regards, Greg

Yes. Its a bit complicated, you get a new drive called "nomad Explorer" like i said, but when you click it and the player is pluged in, you will get some additional features in the workspace of the explorer, information about the mp3 file and options for sorting etc..

Ok. Thanks for this. I spoke to Creative in Australia again yesterday (twice) and they are being very uncooperative:(

They seem happy to lend devices to magazines and newspapers for review but seem unable to grasp the concept of lending us one for a week to solve the problems created by their software.

And, I'm not interested in going out and wasting $5-600 just to buy one of their uints to test problems of their making.

I have made the case to them again and I am still waiting for a formal response.


You could visit me and lend mine for one week :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Greg, thanks for the attention trying to purchase Dopus a few weeks ago... haven't looked back since (tho finding some of the other's out there have tabbed browsing hurt :frowning:) I don't have a Creative Player yet myself, but any ideas on how some of the Opus users might be able to politely harass Creative to play ball with GPSoftware and send you guys a unit? I started a topic at Creative Australia's forums... ...

I was actually thinking of buying one of the Zen players because I heard they had great battery life and ease of swapping it if it goes south; but will avoid them like the plague if they don't at least have the courtesy to help you find out if it's a dopus thing or not...


All I can suggest is that you attempt to complain to Creative that you were thinking of buying a Zen uint but wish to know if it is compatible with Directory Opus and, if not why not, and what are Creative doing to resolve the issue.

I've made 9 phone calls to get the issue resolved so I think I'm running out of patience:)

Regards, Greg

Thanks for the offer:) Would be cheaper to buy one - $2200 for the air fare plus another $1000 for German beer!

_ Greg