Norton Commander like keymap


I'm waiting for Norton Commander (or other FileManager/Commanders like) support for Insert key. Something like (de)select item.

How it shuld work:
When using keyboard to navigate, insert shuld select/deselect (depending on actual state) highlighted item and step down to next if any.

It's very fast and usefull when browsing directiries and want select som mixed files without need of touching mouse or playing with shift, ctrl, space and cursors.

:slight_smile: When I said in the other thread that you should put in a feature request on the GPSoft website, I meant using the form at the bottom of this page:

The forum here does get read by GPSoft but it's easy for them to overlook things with the volume of posts. If everyone files their requests etc. via that form then they end up in a database, can be prioritised, and won't be forgotten.

Of course, it's always good to use this forum first to find out if there's already a way to do something or to refine new ideas; I just want to point out to everyone that that's the proper URL for submitting an official request to the database.