Not all files found in sync/compare

I have a Drobo NAS drive on which I backup all my files. Before moving house, I copied everything from a desktop computer on to the Drobo. I intended to get a new computer after moving but in order to access the files I needed, I copied the folders I would likely need to Microsoft OneDrive.
I got my new computer a couple of months before I was able to set up my Drobo and in that time I made quite a few changes to my files.
This program was recommended in an article I read and seemed to have the features I needed to update the files.
I wanted to start with the Programs folder. I put ## in the folder title when a program has been installed. Before getting this program, I had been through the folder on the NAS drive to make sure there were no folders with the ##. I expected DOpus to find all the folders with ## and all the files in those folders as they don't exist on the NAS drive.
When I setup DOpus to sync the OneDrive folder with the folder on the NAS, I noticed it had missed quite a few files.
There are too many to check individually, which is why I chose this program, thinking it could find all the necessary files to transfer. Now I've found a number missing, I'm not sure I have confidence in its ability to do the job intended.

Are you using Opus to find the folders with ## in or to do the sync, or both?

# is a wildcard character so, if you are using it in the Tools > Find Files panel, it needs a ' (single quote) before it.

Please let us know exactly what you are doing and seeing, and we can help more.

Hi Leo
Thanks for the quick reply.
I'm new to your program and have been going through the instructions manual. When I came across the section on Copying Updated Files I opened DOPUS and selected my Programs Folder in the OneDrive folder as source and Z Programs as the target.
Before using this program, I had used Explorer to go through this folder on the NAS drive (Z) to ensure there were no folders with a double # in the name (my way of indicating the program had been installed.
With OneDrive selected as source and the programs folder from the NAS drive in the second window, I clicked on Compare.
I went down the list and was surprised to see that although all the folders with a double # had been selected for a left to right sync, some of the files in the folders were missing.
I set-up this way of labelling my folders years ago and I wasn't aware that the # is used by the program. I didn't use any expression builder to run the sync, just the compare button.
I could email a screenshot of the affected files.

The # characters should not matter in that case. They can be an issue when typing names into fields that accept wildcards, but should not affect what Sync does.

A screenshot of the affected files could be useful. You can send it via private message by clicking on my user icon at the top of my post.

Please include a screenshot of what the Sync comparison does/doesn't show, including the whole Opus window (the status bar is important here, in particular).

Please also include a separate screenshot showing some of the files that should be in the sync screenshot but aren't, as well as the corresponding destination folder, so we can understand what's happening.

Issues like this usually come down to filters hiding files, but it might be something else. The screenshots should help determine what's happening.

It's me again!!

So, after all that fuss, it's working as it should. I think it was mostly my fault as I think the files were still synching with the PC so they may have been missing when I first tried the copy.

After restarting my PC and the program just now, everything seemed to work great.

Thanks for your help.