Not all thumbnails are displaying since I installed DOpus 10


Before I installed DO 10 (64bit trial version) I had no problems seeing thumbnails in the "Thumbnails" view in Win 7, but now with DO only some of the thumbnails are displaying (like maybe 40-50%) and the rest are just black squares (it doesn't seem to matter if they are shortcuts or the actual files). I have cleared out the thumbnail caches in both explorer and DO but it's still the same. This the latest version ( and I have never installed Version 9 on this PC.

What else do I need to do?

What kind of files are they?

Video files?


Turn on the skip over initial black frames option here (but note that it'll slow down movie thumbnail generation).

(You could also turn off the generate thumbnails option there entirely, and then leave it up to Windows to make movie thumbnails, which might work better on some systems/setups.)

OK thanks, I'll try that when I get home today from work. When you say that it might slow down movie thumbnail generation, do you mean it would be slow all of the time or just initially when I go to that directory for the first time? I don't have a lot of movie files as it is and most of them are ISO's

Just the first time, assuming thumbnail caching is enabled.

OK well I got them all to show quicker by turning off the "Generate thumbnails" option so it's all good now.