Not assuming it's okay to launch browser to show release notes

I feel like I am going to get told to RTFM or something, but I don't like the recent change to Opus to assume it's okay to launch my browser when Opus is launched for the first time after an upgrade was installed. I would much prefer something along the lines of a pop-up in Opus that says "Would you like to read the release notes [yes] [no]"

I have my reasons for disliking this change, but I don't feel I need to justify them... In general I dislike when any one program "magically" launches another without my consent. I don't mind the HTML notes, but I do mind the interruption/interlinking between Opus and my browser ... so if nothing else, I'd prefer a checkbox in settings to restrict it back to the old way (CHM?)

Change Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: help_interface to CHM if you'd like to go back to the old CHM help system. (This was mentioned in the recent release notes. :slight_smile: )

Or change Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: show_release_history to False if you don't want to see the release notes at all.

(Edit: In 12.13 and later versions, the setting is called display_release_history and is off by default.)