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(Not Opus) Can't tag MP3s with two digit disc numbers


I am presently cataloguing my music collection and writing some scripts to allow me to extract metadata from the music tracks.

One of the tags of interest is the disc number of tracks ripped from boxed sets of CDs.

I use the formula 1/1 or 2/3 to indicate the CD I am dealing with and where it sits in terms of the boxed sets.

It works very well so long as I do not try to extend beyond single numbers. I have a few extremely large boxed sets that have in excess of 10 CDs.

However if I tag my Mp3 files with disk info of say 12/14, Opus does not seem to accept double figures. I am not sure whether this is just an Opus problem or it is actually a restriction of the mp3 tagging system.

What I do know is the tag utility I use allows me to enter double digits, and Opus seems to ignore the second digit so that 12/14 becomes 1/1


i just had a look and had no problem with
SetAttr META "discnumber: 2/12 worked fine
also just tested
SetAttr META "discnumber:14/20
just for testing also tried
SetAttr META "discnumber:100/110

all worked

i would love any scripts you use or come up with for working with music


just to be clear are you talking about track number
or disk number ?


Please close this post as solved. I have found the problem and it is not in Opus. Sorry to have bothered you