Not seeing particular toolbar button on 2nd machine

Have Pro license, and recently installed on a second PC (laptop). I notice the shortcut button is missing, which is one of the main reasons I bought the pro license.

Have you installed your pro licence on the laptop?

Which shortcut button do you mean? Could you post a screenshot to clarify?

Yes, under licence manager it says my certificate is installed. The missing shortcut button is normally on the operations toolbar. It creates a shortcut to a highlighted file in one pane, and automatically places it in the adjacent pane. When I evaluated the program I remember that the button was there for evaluation, but disappeared when the program reverted to free version at the end of the trial. That is one of the main reasons I upgraded to Pro.

Did you back up your config on the PC and restore it on the laptop?

No. Not sure how to do that. Just downloaded a fresh copy and installed it, then used the same key to register.


(Assuming the PC has the button you are missing on the laptop)

Thanks! It worked.

That should be here in the default toolbars: