Not Sure

Happily using directory opus for all my file management activities except for copying and moving as i find it very slow. How can a small piece of freeware like NiceCopier be 3x faster to move files then the the default dopus function? Same PC, using the same file explorer (dopus) yet this huge difference. Any suggestions?

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OK. Did it.

Well you have called my bluff :slight_smile:

Try increasing the copy buffer size in Preferences/Miscellaneous/Advanced.

Thanks. Tat worked. Increased the buffer size from 64 to 512.
Moved 2 large files simultaneously.
One with Nice Copier and One with Dopus and the both showed similar speeds.
Some moments dopus was a even bit faster.
No imagination. :wink:

Good to hear. And thanks for linking :slight_smile: