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Now and then I lose the right click context menu

Now and then I loose the right click context menu. Nothing happens during right click, regardless the input device (I have a mouse and a graphics tablet) Only a restart of the computer helps. Now and then means one time per month perhaps. Doesn´t disturb much but may be there is a solution without restart. Killing the dopus processes doesn´t help...

Does the same thing happen in File Explorer?

If you mean the Windows Explorer - I dont use it, I only use Dopus. If it happens next time I will start the File Explorer an have a look.

Windows Explorer was renamed File Explorer in Windows 10. They are the same thing. Microsoft just changed the name after 24 years to make it harder for people to talk about things (and maybe because people kept confusing Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer).

Issues with right-click context menus are almost always caused by third party shell extensions.

If it only happens once every few hours it could be hard to track down, but you could try disabling the installed extensions and then slowly re-enabling a few at a time until the problem returns, until you narrow down which one is causing the problem.

Don't overlook the obvious, a faulty mouse :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I have 3 input devices. This may be the cause, that sometimes something goes wrong. It is a Wacom Intous 4 Graphics Tablet and a 3dconnexion space mouse enterprise and a 3dconnexion CAD mouse. Since months all is working very good hand in hand. As the right click problem happens only very rarely it is not urgent.
@Leo: Indeed I didn´t know about the new name of the Windows Explorer in WIndows 10. Since I use Windows I never used the Windows Explorer. In DOS I used the Norton Commander, this one was also the File manager that I used under WIndows a long time. Then IDosWinPro, a German made file manager and then an angel came and whispered to my ears: "Go and try the heavenly Directory Opus and be happy!" And from this day on I was happy....Thanks a lot, Leo!