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(Now fixed in updated build) 12.9.3 beta crash opening .RAF raw files



Just tried opening my raw files from my Fujifilm X-Pro2, which are in .RAF raw format and every time, no matter what drive I try to open them from, the program quits. I have checked my temp directory and there are no crash dumps.

I am using Dopus built-in viewer to view the raw files, and prior to 12.9.3 it was working perfectly.

If required, I can supply a test .RAF file.


Confirmed. We broke that in 12.9.3. Thanks for spotting it so quickly!

We're making a new build now which will fix this.


I am continually impressed with the speed with which Dopus bugs are fixed. Thanks loads!


Thanks. :smiley: We would not have found the problem as quickly without you.

The new installer is ready, same URL as the previous one: Directory Opus 12.9.3 (Beta)