Now I have to close DO and restart to get viewer pane to display

DO is set to start when Windows starts. For some time now, when I open a lister and a viewer pane, the file content does not appear in the viewer pane. The pane title correctly identifies the type of file and the program to view it with. If I open a separate viewer it displays without problem. The only solution I have identified so far is to close DO and open it again. Then it displays Anyone else seen this and have a better solutions? --Chris

Which type of file and which viewer is involved?

Is the viewer pane blank or is there something in it?

The view pane is blank. Seems to be both pdf and docx, so I assume everything else too. This is not the stand alone viewer. It is the one in the lister. When I open the stand alone, files display fine. Closing and reopening DO always fixes until the next reboot. --Chris

Do those viewers work OK in File Explorer's viewer pane right after a reboot (before trying in Opus)?

Neither of them are actually part of Opus.

If you close and reopen the viewer pane, what happens?

Are you actually restarting Opus, or just closing the main window and opening a new one (which doesn't restart the program)?

I think it did display fine in Windows File Explorer, but I will double check next time I reboot. I will also try to turn off loading with Windows startup and turn it on manually after everything finishes loading.

I actually close out DO to make it work. I go to the system tray, right click, and choose exit. I tried closing and reopening both pane and lister, but neither helped.

Using PDF-Xchange and a very recent QuickView for docx --Chris