Occasional excessive memory consumption

I've been occasionally experiencing dopus.exe (v10) consuming excessive amounts of memory. When it happens, it goes from it usual 50-60k up to 1.3G.

I don't have any non-standard plug-ins active. I tried to debug this problem once last month using the method mentioned here, but this just caused my system to crash as I had to leave VMMap running for quite a while.

I can't see any pattern to trigger the issue. Any advice to resolve or identify the issue?

Can be tricky when it's only occasional and there's no clear trigger.

If you run vmmap after it happens, it might indicate whether the leak is one huge allocation or lots of small ones, which may provide a small clue. (Ofc. The stack trace is the most useful thing but won't be there if it's started after the fact.)

I'd probably start by turning on the Hide Non-Windows Context Menus option (not sure that's the exact name; I think it's mentioned in the guide you linked). Also disable the Opus movie plugin. That'll remove the two most common sources of leaky/buggy 3rd party code that can affect Opus. If it stops happening then you can selectively enable things to see when the problem comes back.

Also note that the trigger may be a certain file. E.g. the Acronos True Image leak on the guide seemed triggered by something in system32 and didn't trigger (for me at least) in other places.

Meant to also say that vmmap can show strings found in a memory block, which sometimes gives a useful hint as to why the memory was allocated and what allocated it. (But is not always useful, on the flipside.)

Thanks. I'll see what I can discover. Back soon, I hope!


I have sometime a huge memory consumption,

it happens when I let a DirectoryOpus's window opened.

DirectoryOpus Version

Please check that it still happens with Opus, then see How to find components causing memory leaks for suggestions on how to track down the cause of it.